This mapping exploits the entirety of the stones of the church of Santa Ludmila (About 50,000 bricks). It is these movements of tens of thousands of stones highlighted that will make the image. For this purpose, Yann Nguema have developed his own software for 4 years with which he creates all of these mappings. Oscillating between abstraction and figurative, it proposes a very singular and innovative work oriented towards the future, where poetry and technology intermingle.
"Caryatids" is an artistic proposal featuring a series of characters embedded in stone. The caryatids are the origin of statues of women dressed in a long tunic supporting an architectural part on the head. They inspired the creation of a multitude of imbricated sculptures with the facade of the church of Santa Ludmila. The colossi, guardians, atlantes ... come to make, the 50000 stones of the building, vibrate in a choreography turned towards the future.
The music is composed by a french artist Pierre Mottron (Soundcloud).

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