Projection Mapping
Domusdela church at
the GLOW Eindhoven festival 2021.

The “DOMUS LUMA » project, written and created for the Augustijnenkerk church in Eindhoven, is part of a research process that was initiated 5 years ago. It aims to explore new proposals in the field of architectural mapping.  On a defined scale calibration of the stone. It combines projection, light and laser in the pursuit of an innovative and poetic narrative. The lines, curves and volumes of the 50,000 stones of the church’s façade have been drawn as closely as possible to allow the projections to blend in with reality.
All of the animations are generated by a tailor-made software developed by Yann Nguema, allowing the digital construction to be mounted in a totally unique manner. The added use of light and laser comes to complete the projection offering a luminous palette which renews the beauty of traditional mapping.

Réalisation : Yann Nguema
Production : Arnaud Doucet, Anima Lux
Lights: Arnaud Doucet , Ga El
Laser : Yann Nguema
Music: Zero Gravity


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